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$4,500 Teak Piano. Yep.

30 Nov

But of course.. in the North Bay. (Original Post)
Couldn’t find any more on this Zwicki character. I’d love to see what else he designed.

Craigslist: Sacramento

22 Oct

This working 1950’s Pinball Machine looks awesome and is only $200 bucks. If I had a game room or even time to play games, I’d be into it.  (Original Post)

I’m a sucker for tapered legs and brass caps and this baby is only $450 bucks! I saw one of these at a Gary Schiff estate sale awhile back, but I am completely maxed out of furniture space and I don’t even know how to play the piano. The ad doesn’t mention anything about a matching bench but asking wouldn’t hurt. (original post)

Best offer accepted on this cabinet. It looks like a 1950’s metal cabinet with a formica counter top but the description doesn’t say. Sure is beautiful though! My 1951 home came with the original metal cabinets (cracked ice counter tops) that look similar to these but they’re used as garage cabinets. I love them very much and I plan on taking them with me if I ever sell. (original post)

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