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On the internets: Inhabit Living Graphic Pillows

11 Oct

Alright so these suckers are a treat for the eyeballs. They even have an entire iconic chair collection of graphic pillows. I will say though, how sad it’d be to have a pillow of a stunning eiffel chair sitting on a dumpy couch. Ahem, like where it’d be in my apartment. I think Inhabitliving.com has got in under control though – these pillows are about $70 each so if you can afford to have such a spendy pillow, you probably have a pretty sweet place as it is. Get it, girl.

Around Town: Alexander Girard at Urban Outfitters

2 Sep

I forgot about these rad pillows and duvets until now, but while I was out looking for “pretty lady things” to wear to Rose’s wedding, I saw these Alexander Girard designs. Holy pillow-oly.

Girard is an american-born textiles designer who worked for Henry Miller and the Eames brothers. He has also inspired some fantastic fonts!

So head on over to the Arden mall and throw down $38.00 and gets you some.

via wilsonart.com

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