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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.

7 Dec

This post was inspired from our friend Gretchen’s post about a “Merry Mid Centurty Christmas”. Check out her post about where to shop locally for vintage Christmas decorations. Since I don’t have much time to do personal shopping, I thought I’d post what’s available online (while being on a budget).

These adorable ornaments are only $8. (Dresden’s Vintage)

Send out your Eames christmas cards. $16 (sweetperversion)

…or how about Charley Harper cards? $11.95(amazon)

Pair of large light up Santas $18 (Scooter’s Shop

6ft Pom Pom tree with Color Wheel $150 or best offer (DeathBySexy) <– silly name

Can’t forget your wrapping paper. $3.50 (grandmothersattic)

Blue holiday party dress $80 (Coldfish)

Not quite Mid Century, but I love cheesy stuff like this. (DevaniNYC)

1960’s X-Mas tie. $8 (chocolatnegro)

Now you have some of the staples to have a holiday party. I’ll let you know where to send three invitations. :)


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