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Home, Sweet Homes: Heather and David’s Carmichael Pad

8 Sep

So, this is a home tour that unfortunately got lost in the shuffle and kerfuffle of a Mimomito identity crisis. Thanks to the wonderful Heather and David for not sending rocks through our windows for taking so long to post this. It has likely been almost A YEAR since they welcomed us into their home to poke around and take photos. Thank you for your patience and kindness to allow us in your lives and beautiful home. I personally know that you both have added new items and pieces to your home, so perhaps this’ll be like a walk down memory lane, ha! Now, finally, Heather and David Hadley’s Home Tour.

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Where is your home located?
Carmichael, Ca

When was your home built and when did you move in?
Built in 1957, bought home in 2010 / 3bd, 2.5ba 1800 SF

 Why did you choose your home?
Good neighborhood; the layout; original hardwood floors; updated kitchen and granite counter-tops; but most importantly (according to David) the game room with a 1970’s built-in bar.

 What attracted you to mid century design?
In my mid-20s, I rented an old one-bedroom apartment in Midtown Sac.  I fell in love with the mid-century original features.  It had a pink bathtub, elephant gray tiling and toilet, the kitchen was galley style and had stainless steel counter tops.  I embraced the vibe, and carried that feeling into our new home.

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DO NOT WANT: Reupholstered Eames-Style Lounge Chair aka THE HORROR

28 Sep


(Original Post) I found this a few days ago and SAVED the photo – thank god – because they reposted this ad without it. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because of the barrage of angry e-mails cluttering up their inbox with the body of the e-mails simply stating “YOU BASTARD.”

The “upholstery” is either something that was scraped off a casino floor in the Flower Lounge or forcibly removed from an obese Hawaiian man’s closet. (What is he going to wear on Friday nights now!?) Please note – the matching pillow with pink fringe. To complete the transformation from one of the most iconic and well known styles of lounge chair in the world to “crazy aunt Irma needs to take a comfy sit-down after playing Gin Rummy while petting her ill-tempered rat terrier ‘Lizette’.”

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