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Thrifting: Berkeley, Oakland, and Vallejo (Part One)

16 Nov

I finally got a Saturday off. Serene doesn’t get to go thrifting with us  very often, so we all hopped on the opportunity of group thrift-scoring. We decided we should check out the East Bay. Starting off in Berkeley, then going to Oakland and working our way down. Coffee was a must.

Oh and breakfast.
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Thrifting in Auburn

21 Oct

We couldn’t be in Auburn without stopping at the Triple X er The Forest Hill bridge. It was our first landmark and a pleasant way to start the day out in Auburn.
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Thrifiting in woodland.

29 Sep

When Toni offered to take me to far off places around Sacramento, I was stoked. I’d been meaning to venture away but just could not muster the courage to go by my self. It was really great and I look forward to doing it again.
Heres a ton of pictures of good looking things we found so you dear readers can get stoked on taking the thrity minute drive to woodland too:

Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to find sewing tables with mid mod dapper legs? It interests me to find out why this is? Did woman decide they would stop sewing? Or were the sewing machine companies just stuck in their 1800’s look? ‘It’s going to make a come back Ed!’ Singer bought out Kent coffee furniture in the 60’s so you think they woulda hopped on board right? Maybe they did and the mid mod sewing tables are so precious that anyone who owns one is just very unwilling to let go.

Toni found this really cool watcha ma callit. It was first priced for ten bucks so reasonably there was some hesitancy on thee purchase. We later found out everything was 50 percent off! Five dollars still being a lot Toni took the chance and the lady at the register gave it to her for two dollar something (I dont remember the exact number I just remember thinking scoooore).

I plan to take off the solar tea and make a desert terrarium in this jar.

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