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Craigslist: Desk and chair 150.00-oakland piedmont / montclair

29 Nov

A cute little desk and the famous midmod chairs go pleasantly together. Take both for 150.00!

“Vintage/Mid-Century/Danish desk and chair. Not sure of the year or manufacturer. Chair is not original to the desk. Both have some wear (water rings on the desk and several nicks in the chair) but overall great pieces in good condition.”
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Craigslist: Retractable light you say? $120 Petaluma

18 Nov

Are you as dazzled razzled as I am looking at this thing? Can I come up with any words to describe this thing’s awesome:

“Fabulous pull-down or retractable light dating from the 1960’s by Moe Light. It features a large 22″ diameter copper tone shade and a large wooden finial on the end for pulling the fixture up & down. The mechanics for retracting the light are housed in an all brass body, and the ceiling cap is brass with the MOE sticker intact. It has a 3 bulb bakelite socket with a on/off switch in the finial. The original white cord is in fair condition with the lower cord frayed. From the ceiling canopy to bottom of finial it has a range of a 26″ drop to a 48″ drop. The entire fixture is good vintage condition with age marks in the finish, which has been accounted for in the price. The original mounting hardware is included for ease of installation. Perfect for the mid-century modern ranch or bungalow.”

I could not. But the seller sure could.
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Here’s another light:

It kinda looks like it has been made with chubaka fur.
This light is going for 20.00 in Sacramento.
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Weekend Excursions: SF Bay Area

5 Nov

For you to get out there and shake that hog, HOO BOY!

$350.00 Paul McCobb in San Mateo! (Original Post)

$5.00 – a seller in Hayward is going crazy! Check out all their stuff! Including the next item..(Original Post)

This $10.00 lamp! (Original Post) Check their post for a link to a photobucket with more available CHEAP items.

$450.00 for the table, $220.00 per chair. That’s $1330.00 for the set, yeesh. If you’re INTO IT. In Fremont. (Original Post)

Teeny love seat. Look at that velvety greeniness. Wooosh. $300.00 in SF. (Original Post)

$75.00 for the set of — GREEN bedroom furniture. @ Sebastopol. (Original Post)

$150.00 for the set in San Jose. (Original Post)

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Craigslist: Coffee & End table in SF, WHOAZERSK8Z!

25 Oct

$110.00 cash for both. There is wear on both pieces but aw hell who cares the wood would restore very nicely. (Original Post)

Weekend Excursions: The Yay Area, Craigslist Edition

14 Oct

Hey hey! Lots of great stuff listed in the Bay Area this week, you should trot on down and take a look for yourself. Go have a picnic and enjoy the 10-20 degree drop in temperature as soon as you get to Vallejo. Take in that fog, and take in some tasty new pieces.

Otto otto ottoman! $125 in San Jose. (Original Post)

No brand listed, but seller says “finished back and aluminum pulls with wood insert in a manner of George Nelson.” $675.00 in Fremont (Original Post)

Vitra’s Eames DAR, “buy it now” on eBay listed for $380, buy it in SF for $220. (Original Post)

six cups for $5.00. Emeryville, my good man. (Original Post)

four chairs for $200, jeeuh! Walnut Creek. (Original Post)

Broyhill dresser for sale in San Jose, $850.00 (Original Post)

Eek! $30! San Jose! (Original Post)

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Craigslist: Wassap, ‘Frisco

12 Oct

Okay first off I am offended by the use of “frisco.” No one else is allowed to use it, I just used it ironically so it’s okay. MOVING ON!

San Francisco is always an amazing place to look up Midcentury goodies – there’s more design obsessed weirdos per capita perhaps? Not saying y’all Northerners aren’t that fantastic brand of weirdo yourselves. That’s a compliment.

Alright, this is nuts. Going for $400.00. Imagine this in your living room, gah! (Original Post)

Same seller, different story. $450.00 for this floating desk checkit!! (Original Post)

$1300, o rly? (Original Post)Described by the seller as “groovy” and something about super powers. $30! (Original Post)


Craigslist: Beautiful Dux Sofa and Chair Set in the Bay Area

9 Oct

This is a Dux couch that was in the seller’s family since its purchase. It is listed for $1400 and delivery is available. (Original Post)

Ohhh.. it breaks my heart. $1400? As my boyfriend put it, “too bad it is the price of a human kidney.” It is the same fantastic, amazing, warm-fuzzy inducing green upholstery that made me fall in love with the Dux we found at the rummage sale remains at The Verge Gallery. Some day my lovelies, some day.. you will be a set.

Our $200.00 Dux that still needs some reupholstery love.


A different seller is offering two cream-colored dux loungers. The fabric is a little tired looking, but everything else looks in great condition. $1000 for the pair. (Original Post)

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