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Weekend Excursions: Bay area

23 Dec

40.00 for the set of chairs in Inner Sunset. Whenever me and Serene are looking at craigslist together we always comment on these guy’s legs looking like horses galloping.
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95.00 on Van Ness.
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Personally I feel like 200.00 for this bad boy is a steal. Look at that shape, that wood, that goodness!
This guy is waiting for you in San Leandro.
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I really really love rocking chairs. This one is being sold for 895.00 in Berkely.
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Who’s got an entry hall?! This thing would look great there.
95.00 in Alameda.
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Craigslist: Chairs 150.00- Redwood City

13 Dec


” Set of 6 mid-century side chairs/dining chairs. Very good condition.”

Does that mean six of these bootifully green, cream, and yellow chairs go for the 150.00?
Me thinks it would be kinda awesome to wine and dine in some thing like these.
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Weekend Excursions: Bay Area

12 Nov

I say, we may be taking a day trip to the bay. Oakland is where we’d like to drive, where hopefully we’d arrive to thrift stores that were alive with awesome mid century treasures. That would be a pleasure.

Golly, I sure am excited. Can you recommend any good thrift stores in or near Oakland?

Here are some good lookin’ things that you can check out if you’ll also be in or around the bay area:

Walnut dresser – $79 bucks-Vallejo (original post)

Slat bench – $250 – Glen Park (original post)

This person seems to have been a hoarder. See those blonde end tables and the dresser? They can be viewed at this Aptos estate sale (original post)

Rose would love this. I’m not sure how much it is, but it can be found in Berkeley. (Original post)

Hanging lamp – $145 – San Rafael (original post)

Cute chair – $175 – SF (original post)

Craigslist: Coffee & End table in SF, WHOAZERSK8Z!

25 Oct

$110.00 cash for both. There is wear on both pieces but aw hell who cares the wood would restore very nicely. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Beautiful Dux Sofa and Chair Set in the Bay Area

9 Oct

This is a Dux couch that was in the seller’s family since its purchase. It is listed for $1400 and delivery is available. (Original Post)

Ohhh.. it breaks my heart. $1400? As my boyfriend put it, “too bad it is the price of a human kidney.” It is the same fantastic, amazing, warm-fuzzy inducing green upholstery that made me fall in love with the Dux we found at the rummage sale remains at The Verge Gallery. Some day my lovelies, some day.. you will be a set.

Our $200.00 Dux that still needs some reupholstery love.


A different seller is offering two cream-colored dux loungers. The fabric is a little tired looking, but everything else looks in great condition. $1000 for the pair. (Original Post)

Craigslist SF: Oh, for real? $75

28 Sep

(original post)

1960s orange vinyl chair cushion on steel springs with gray laminate table attached. Steel legs and frame. Cool retro piece of office lounge furniture purchased in Silverlake a few years ago. In good shape.

48″ wide x 30″ tall x 30″ deep.

Would somebody stop being an idiot and please buy this?

Craigslist: Hoosier wutzit? Fremont

24 Sep

This posting is from SF/Bay area craigslist, in Fremont.

(original post)
“1960’s Credenza with accordion style doors $300

1950’s Kitchen Hoosier $125″

Okay doggs, I’ll be honest. I was asking myself “what the hell is a ‘hoosier?’ I thought hoosier was just something that the one state that is the ‘hoosier’ state is a ..state of.” Well if you also went to public school, get ready to have your mind blown. Type “hoosier” into craigslist and it is basically another word for a buffet or kitchen hutch. Some of them even have what they refer to as – wait for it – a pie safe. And this one listed here is GREAT! I really hope the top shelf space is ready to have a mug set hung in it. It could even work great in an office or living room. And by lordy, that just might be cheap enough, $125.00, for you to find out for yourself, aye?

In all the excitement I didn’t even mention the accordion credenza! Oi gevalt!

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