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On the internetz: I can watch Maru too many boxes and thrift…at the same time?!

23 Nov

Goodwill done turned it up a couple of notches. Shop goodwill has tons of goodies you can oggle from your home and

bid. Alot like Ebay only most of the time the starting prices are pretty cheap. I may be late for this bus but I am completely enthralled with this. Here’s some stuff that may be to your liking.
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On the internetz: Ruh roh! Urban Outfitters is on the case.

2 Oct

Occasionally I’ll cruise over to UrbanOutfitters.com and peruse some of their deliciously designed and midcentury modern inspired furniture, that I’m sure, will fall apart – go floppy – break down – just, will not hold up like the originals. Sigh. But still, I look. The rocking chair makes my heart skip a beat.. but then I know in 2 years it will probably crap out like a florgenborgenjorgen from Ikea. And that, dear readers, is why we love the old stuff, am I right?

Anyhow, I checked out UO to take a gander at the apartment wares, and by god! Looks like they’re onto me! Check it out, maybe buy a lamp, or something you don’t invest too much money/your love into. :( Ughh and the color options. If you own anything from UO, I’d love to know how it has held up!

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