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Craigslist: DUX side table 100.00-Sacramento

31 Oct

Ever since Serene got that great looking Dux chair my eyes pop out and ears perk up when the name comes my way. These folks made some gorgeous crap dudes.
Not only does this table appear to be in some magnificent looking wood it is also the shape of pizza. Even better than pizza-Babybel cheese.
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Craigslist: Night Stand $20

25 Oct

This is a funky little guy. (original post)

Craigslist: Get Stoked.

13 Oct

GOOD MORNING ANGELS! What’s on your agenda today? Scouring the internet for local steals and deals? Hey me too! Let me go ahead and make this all easier for you.. ’cause you got a pretty face.

$250.00 for this 60’s couch. If you’re down with “OPC”, yeah you know me. (Otha peeps couches.) (Original Post)

$300.00 THREE HUNDY! This beautiful formica dinette turquoisey set! (Original Post)

I’m a little confused by this, but also intrigued. “Retro New Soda Dispenser.” Wat? Got $75.00? Go find out! (Original Post)

This piece is older than what normally catches my eye, (1910~1920’s or so) but it’s in such amazing shape and a wonderful design, only $35.00! (Original Post)


No photo provided for this sucka, but if it’s anything Mengel from the Midcentury, might be worth asking for pics. The seller describes it as “MODERN VENTAGE SIE TABEL.” At first I thought “ooh, European!” but no, simply terrible spelling. $25.00 (Original Post)

Craigslist: I dunno man, maybe

19 Sep

“vintage inspired” is the name of this here game. If you’re into it..

I mean, I guess I like tables that are reminiscent of stingrays and the Starship Enterprise? Put a heaping fern on it and maybe it won’t look so much like it comes from a cold waiting room from the 60’s but envisioning “the future.” $30.00 (Original Post)

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