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Case of the Mondays

20 Aug

Oh hey, it is me! I am alive! We kinda took a vacation but we IZ back!

50.00 Sacramento
Ah red chair. Needs some work.
175.00 Sacramento
Man! That table set up is something wonderful! All teak like with interesting glass! Good jorb seller!
449.00 Sacramento
This set also comes with a hutch!
399.00 Sacramento
I dunno what is going on with these cushions. Seller only has a picture of four of them. In any case the cushions that are there look like they may need to be reupholstered.
260.00 Sacramento
0_0 Imagine these guys floating above your head in a big open midcentury gem! HEAVEN.
450.00 Tahoe
I do not mind the green on these chairs one bit!
Make an offer Sacramento
Oh geeze! I love big ol slabs of wood thrown into a room!
125.00 Sacramento
Nice little price for this local highboy.
90.00 Grass Valley
This picture makes it a lil hard to understand what this table looks like. BAH.
150.00 Loomis
Nesting tables seem like one of the most convenient and lovely things to have around when hosting a party.
400.00 Sacramento
I love that some Danish tables have that tile in the center. The tile is usually a earthy tone, and a very interesting pattern, also doesnt hurt that hot plates can go on top of them with no problems.
1900.00 Sacramento
Ah snap! DANG! Gee! This is a heavy price, but man oh man this sofa got a whole lotta class.
It is in my coveted burnt like orange too. One day I will own you beloved orange sofa! One day.

250.00 Sacramento
This is for some of you shop owner folk who may read mimomito…or really anyone else who enjoys big brassy glass furniture.

500.00 Twaineharte
Comes with the night stands too.


10 Jan

Bootiful teak credenza here in midtown at 1800.00

40.00 in Modesto
For those of you who are into that mid mod industrial look.

450.00 for this set of chairs in Big Little city Reno.

2000.00 in Sonoma
This is kinda one of those things were you’re kinda like CRAP REALLY. OMG REALLY. Like you are real stoked to even be able to get to look at something like this and then if you are po’ folk like me, you see the price and kinda just slunk away. WAH WAH.

25.00 in Parkside
Not bad little dude!

375.00 in Hayward it swivels.

175.00 in Moraga Bah leather midcentury numbers! I love them.

Chandelier is lookin’ pretty cute for 35.00 in Reno.

25.00 in Turdlock (er Turlock). I’ am actually on the prowl for something like this meself. I am finally putting together my office and am in some desperate need for furniture!

Craigslist: Cheaper things. Good lookin things

16 Jan

Teak Room divider for 25.00 in Carmichael
Original post

Mahogany table for 50.00 in Sacramento. That wood looks gorgeous.
Original post

Desk lamp for 5.00 in Rocklin
Original post

Metal desk with wood top in San Leandro. There’s so many bootiful oppurtunites with the materials used in this desk for cohesive shelving.
Original post

Patio table and chairs in Sacramento for 100.00
Original post

Hangin mid mod inspired (?) light fixture for 50 OBO in Sacramento.
Original post

White desk lamp for 4.00 in Sacramento
Original post

30.00 for these four chairs.
Original post

Six chairs for 20.00. Seller will deliver within 30 miles for extra 20.00.
Orange (ha) Post 

Tanker for 45.00 in Palo Alto
Original post

Couches in Sacramento. Price isnt listed but seller states he has a lot more Mid mod pieces for sale.
Original post

I ama quote the original post for this one cuz I ama lil’ confused…

“Originally I was hoping to get $60. for this desk, and I had a buyer show up, ring the bell (which no one heard – it’s an old bell), and left because she thought no one was home. :( That’s my sad story…So now it’s been sitting outside, and it really needs to find a good home. Please make any reasonable offer!!

Desk is approx. 5′ wide x 3′ deep”

20.00 in Elk Grove.
Original post

I ama throwing this in here because it is booiful. 1200.00 in Sanfrancisco.
Original post

You can take both these couches home for 50.00. Def need some love but look like they will clean up nicely.
Original post

Craigslist: Let me reintroduce you to this couch.

3 Dec

It might just be the picture or that this couch looks very much like a childhood cartoon character…but I think this thing is nice AND it’s going for 75.00. I’ve posted it before…that was awhile back. I am shocked/questioning lots because it’s still up. Check out the
Original post if you’re into solving mysteries.

Craigslist: Knoll sofa 200.00-Reno

3 Dec

EEEEEE! It turns into a sleeper:

“Original wool fabric in okay condition.
The bottom part of the sofa pulls out into a twin sized bed.”

Original post

Craigslist: Couch and stuff

17 Nov

I’ve been pillaging craigslist for over an hour now. Even used some questionable search terms. I couldnt pass up posting these things. A good ol’ couch is hard to come by.
This guy is being sold for 285.00 in SW Reno.
Original post

Look at them legs. This guy is hanging out in Penryn for 500.00.
Original post

I dont see these guys too often. When ever I do though they never fail to cause me to gasp and throw my arms in the air from midcentury flurries. It has been my dream to own a roll top desk since I moved away from home. I didnt have enough room when I was younger nor the money to purchase anything but junk food and cigarettes. I thought it was impossible to find a way to get a Rolltop desk to fit my home’s decor now until I saw this. There is hope. If you are a Roll top enthusiasts as well check out the original post. It’s going for 195.00 in Reno.

Craigslist: Heywood Wakefield

17 Nov

Rose forwarded this on for me to post – she isn’t able to post from her computer and wanted to make sure this was for all our dear readers to see. All original Heywood Wakefield sofa going for $600.00 or best offer! (Original Post)

Craigslist: Couch 150.00-East sac

28 Oct

Such a pretty looking green! That fabric looks like something nice to lounge in durning winter time. It looks like oscar the grouch!

“We are selling our beloved vintage green couch. I got this in San Diego and moved it all the way here and the time has come to get rid of it :( It has 2 small problems that anyone able to put a button on can fix probably . I just never have. There is a small button popping out on the sidearm, and the a zipper under the cushion needs fixing. But can’t see it from looking at it.”

Original post


20 Sep


This is a circa 1950’s Mid Century Modern Design sectional “Seating Unit” or sofa. It may have been made by Vista or at least it is in the Vista style of mid 1950’s iron furniture…or it could have been made as custom item for a commercial space It is vintage and out of an estate storage. It is very architectural and would be great in an Eames environment or Eichler or Streng home. Ready for refurbishing or re-upholstery to your taste. It’s big as each of the 3 sections is about 4 feet long. It’s upholstered in it’s original 60 year old vinyl now and the seats have been colored.. A nice fun item for a vintage environment!
(original post)

So.. hey. How’s it going. I don’t even know what to say about this thing. If you got it, flaunt it? I guess? “It” in this scenario being “space in your apartment” and “275 smackaroonies.”

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