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Bay Area scores.

18 Jan

$125.00 in Martinez
I love this guy’s gold tipped feet and weird lookin’ construction. Even the weird checkered pattern isn’t bad.

$225.00 in Oakland
“Hey what’s up guys – I am business chair. When you hang out with me, you handlin’ bizniz.” – Chair.

$195.00 in Gilroy.
Big ol’ patch of wonderful blue!! Looks like that cork board stuff for hanging tools.

$200.00 in Rocklin.
This guy is back lookin’ tasty and delicious.

$100.00 in Noe Valley.
Bucket seats need someone’s help to reach full bucket potential.

$350.00 in San Franny.
Tile top! Put hot food on top and it look gooood.

$1250.00 in Oakland.
George Mulhauser’s plycraft is spendy but oh so wonderful looking in these photo’s. Good jurb Seller!!!

$799.00 in Los Gatos
This seems like the perfect size credenza for someone living in the city!

$80.00 in Haight Ashboogery.
I love this table’s legs! So neat!

$190.00 in Martinez
This would be the perfect chair for my office. A bootiful sunny yellow, and back support that  will prevent my turning into the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Part one: Office Stuff

12 May

I have been offered by my boss to redecorate my shabby office. I get to paint it and everything! Naturally I am very excited to have complete creative control of such a thing (my first office WOOT WOOT). Here’s some stuff floating around Etsy that you may enjoy.

11.00 Paperwork shmaper work. No big deal till this precious lil’ clip get’s in the mix.
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Got that swagger lamp.

26 Apr

3 matching lamps for 10.00 in Davis.

150.00 for this sleek looking floor lamp in Oakland.
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Craigslist: Coffee table- West Sacramento 70.00

29 Dec

You could store extra linens or blankets in that thing….er magazines
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Craigslist: Cabinet 15.00-Carmichael

12 Nov

Storage! 15.00 is good enough for me to store all my messy art junk in here pending of course the outcome of actually seeing this guy in person:

This item is in really good condition. These pitures do not do it justice. Stands nearly 4 foot high. and would be great in a dinning room or office. This can be viewed and purchased at:
Capital City Community Church
4701 Whitney Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608
Corner of Mission and Whitney
Friday, Nov. 12 -8am-5pm
Saturday, Nov. 13 – 8am-3pm
First come first serve. Tons of other 2nd hand items for sale at this location. Come check us out!”

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Craigslist: Alright dude, you’re up.

28 Oct

THIS GUY. You know, you’ve seen him posted forever.

(Original Post) Listed as an “eames era unit” missing it’s sleek hairpin legs for it to perch atop and look oh-so-modular. Well, the seller has had it up forever and I’m tired of looking at it. So hey, maybe you should buy it? The price is now down to $60. I’m not saying buy it for that much, maybe haggle the guy a little? He’s had a hard enough time trying to get rid of the piece, so be gentle. Here are some inspired ideas of how to bring it into your home.

Go to Home Depot. Buy the $2.90 tapered legs they have available in different heights (found here). Stain them suckers a nice dark wood color, slap them on.

Mount it on your  wall for some vintagey “leet” storage action. Who else has a cabinet to hold their taxes that’s seen the Cold War? None of your 20-something year old friends, that’s for sure.

PUT IT ON THE GROUND! Put .. put comfy cushions on it, I don’t know! Sit on it! SIT RIGHT ON IT! Just, get it off of Craigslist!

Craigslist: A table with a whatchamucallit:Berkley

22 Oct

There’s a cupboard under this thing!!!! That’s an extra amount of storage! *Hyperventilating.
It’s 40.000! *More hyperventilating. It’s odd but cute looking. AHKFS.
I need to take a walk.
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Craigslist: Lane Cedar Chest.. Sigh.

11 Oct

So this chest was listed for sale a few months ago, and I wanted it so badly. It was selling for $150, I knew exactly where it could go in the apartment, I wanted a mid-century chest to hide all our extra blankets strewn about in the living room, it was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I called the seller, but she was not actually from Sacramento but only in town visiting, and selling this piece from a storage unit. I was working and she was getting on a plane. It was a shot to the heart, and this cedar chest was to blame.

It’s listed again but it looks like she still is only going to be in town for a limited time. If you can, jump on this piece. It is an amazingly useful piece of furniture – store your winter blankets, coats, etc. and it doubles as seating in a crowded room. Let me know how it goes, as I might try and buy it from you down the line when I have the money on me and the space!

$100 for sale near Freeport and Florin. (Original Post) If she doesn’t sell it before she leaves, she told me before that she’s in Sacramento every couple of months. So we might see it listed again if it doesn’t get sold! You can understand my mixed feelings about posted this for everyone else and wanting to keep it for myself.. but that just wouldn’t be right.

Around Town: Thrifting in Folsom

5 Oct

Yesterday me and Toni headed out to Folsom! We only stopped by two thrift stores because the goodwill there is pretty outrageous. Packed with stuff upon stuff. Here’s some of the goodies we were able to uncover:

First we stopped by Snowline Hospice Thrift Store . The building looked pretty promising.

Really long coffee table in need of love and appreciation. All the furniture was 50% off!
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Craigslist: Storage-Fair Oaks

1 Oct

I dig interesting functional designs but there’s something really nice about a piece that is just simple and made with a really good looking wood like walnut. This storage cabinet is going for 50 dollars.
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