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Craigslist San Francisco: You Jerks.

1 Oct

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Couch with original orange upholstery going for $550.00, and matching swivel lounge chair for $475.00.  $1025.00, enough gas to get you to SF’s Castro district and some extra money to buy you some taco truck tacos, you’re solid.

Around Town: Antique Co. sidewalk chair hangin’ out

28 Sep

I saw them loading up the sidewalk this morning at the Antique Company on 21st & X and caught a glimpse of them setting this out. Eyes narrowed,  slowed down to scope it out, had to get a picture. Looks like a piece from the early 50’s, I can imagine Lucille Ball straight chillin’ on it. What caught my eye were the strange legs that looked like a swivel base. Stupidly, while standing right in front of the damn thing I didn’t check to see if it actually did rotate. There was no price tag, maybe that part of the sidewalk was the “make an offer” area. I could see this being reupholstered in a delicious and durable Knoll fabric and looking goddamn stunning. Bling blanggg.

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