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Weekend Excursions: Bay area

23 Dec

40.00 for the set of chairs in Inner Sunset. Whenever me and Serene are looking at craigslist together we always comment on these guy’s legs looking like horses galloping.
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95.00 on Van Ness.
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Personally I feel like 200.00 for this bad boy is a steal. Look at that shape, that wood, that goodness!
This guy is waiting for you in San Leandro.
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I really really love rocking chairs. This one is being sold for 895.00 in Berkely.
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Who’s got an entry hall?! This thing would look great there.
95.00 in Alameda.
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Craigslist: $40 Tanker Desks in Antelope

14 Nov

So this isn’t the actual desk being sold – but the seller put it up for reference. Go holler at them yourself if it saddens you so much. But hooray! Cheap tanker desks! (Original Post)

Weekend Excursions: Steel case chair-watch out now

9 Oct

Serene has a chair with a similair frame as this one. It is great. Also if you’re into changing the fabric out Thrift Town has a ton of fabric right now! Chair is in chico my friends.
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