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Around town: Eco thrift

22 Sep

I attempted to head out to Auburn for some thrifting but freeways scared me and Eco thrift on Fruitridge caught my eye.

Eco thrift was crazackin dudes. There was car upon car upon car looking for a parking spot. I had to circle a couple of times and establish some dominance.

This kinda made me laugh, then nerdishly hide the coffee table I bought for some friends. My scarf didn’t cover too well.

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Around Town: Deseret Industries

21 Sep

I recently went to Deseret out on Auburn and did some diggin’ around. I had never gone before and my boyfriend actually had gone the day before and was sending me picture messages of some of the furniture. So, of course, I had to see for myself.

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Craigslist Find: Thrift Store Find? Hoghair Ottoman!

11 Aug

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According to the post – this bench is 48×18″ and stuffed with either hog or horse hair. Depending on what animal is inside there it better make different noises when you sit on it. But besides all this hogwash – this bench is listed for $50.00!! It’s in a shop in a town called Hanford, which is apparently 3 long painful hours away from Sacramento. Ugh. From the looks of it this shop called Hanford Bargain Center also has an INCREDIBLE matching seat/table (top left photo in the corner there you can see it!) also for sale. I’m sure it’s ALSO for a bargain! Dude. Gimme.

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