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How Bazaar, How Bizarre

6 Dec

Bazaar Bizarre was held in the same building as Deco the Halls, since it was free and literally a hop, skip and a jump away we decided to check it out.

Here were my top five vendors (in no particular order):

Tiny Sparks Design. I really wanted to chat with the fella who creates these beauties, but it seemed like he was in popular demand so I took a business card and let him do his thang. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere to purchase his work online. I contacted him and I’m hoping he’ll get back to me ASAP. I know y’all want to buy this for your xmas gift to yourself.

3 Fish Studios has some amazing work. You like drawings of iconic MCM chairs? They got ’em. You like robots? Got those, too. Love being from California? You get it … go check out their work already!

Swizzlestix does a variety of MCM inspired things, including: super cute paper goods, kitchen stuff and these sweet pillows. Those cards would make perfect stocking stuffers!

Ilee Paper Goods – This is another website that I wish offered more. I feel like it doesn’t do the work justice. Their stuff is pretty great as you can see from the calander above.

Sorry this photo is so small. I just grabbed it from her site and this was the largest form. Coffee n Cream Press. She had a hilarious card that said “Hi, I’m not pregnant” — I should have bought it because I don’t see it on the site.


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