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On the internetz: Ruh roh! Urban Outfitters is on the case.

2 Oct

Occasionally I’ll cruise over to UrbanOutfitters.com and peruse some of their deliciously designed and midcentury modern inspired furniture, that I’m sure, will fall apart – go floppy – break down – just, will not hold up like the originals. Sigh. But still, I look. The rocking chair makes my heart skip a beat.. but then I know in 2 years it will probably crap out like a florgenborgenjorgen from Ikea. And that, dear readers, is why we love the old stuff, am I right?

Anyhow, I checked out UO to take a gander at the apartment wares, and by god! Looks like they’re onto me! Check it out, maybe buy a lamp, or something you don’t invest too much money/your love into. :( Ughh and the color options. If you own anything from UO, I’d love to know how it has held up!

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