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Craigslist: Hello darkness my old friend.

10 Jan

Floor lamp in Sacramento for 80.00
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Walnut and Mahogany record cabinet for 85.00 in Cameron Park.
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Hutch in Antelope for 200.00
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Dining set in Vacaville for 200.00
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Aduuurable utility cart for 50.00 in Vacaville.
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Raaael wild leather sofa for 220.00 in Antelope.
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Twin headboards for 125.00 in Vacaville.
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HAI COUCH…OH HAI COFFEE TABLE. 140.00 in Sacramento.
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Interesting chair for 150.00 in Carmichael.
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I feel weird about something that has to support my body weight being see through but that table is nice nice.
175.00 in Carmichael.
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Formica table for 150.00 in Sacramento.
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Loveseat for 100.00 in East Sac.
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Desk for 225.00 in Sacramento
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100.00 for the chandelier in East Sac
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Kitchen table for 150.00 in Sacramento
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Small table for small pads. 80.00 in Citrus heights.
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Speaking of small kitchen tables. Ikea (Brown-not the yucky black) table is going for 75.00 in Elk Grove.
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Ya’ll like T.V?
Dinner trays for 25.00 in West Sac.
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Craigslist: Teacart 20.00-Vacaville

2 Jan

Hello cute thing for 20.00!!

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Craigslist: $100 Credenza, Vacaville

2 Nov

59.5″ x 18″d x 27″h, $100.00, byyawww!!! Rad piece. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Vacaville

14 Oct

Sorry to blow you guys up with so many good deals, but this just posted and I figured you’d want to know about it:

Only $400 buck for three pieces of furniture? Someone’s gotta jump on this. (original post)

Craigslist: Lil’ Nightstand Dude, $40

11 Oct

Needs a good polishing, but for $40 I bet this guy cleans up real nice! For sale in Vacaville. (Original Post)

Yard Sale Away: Gettin’ Ready

7 Oct

Thursday and Friday are the days that you should begin planning your weekend yard sale route. I usually go to the Craigslist Garage Sale section and type in a few key words. Of course I use the regulars first: “mid century”, 1960s, Danish, etc … and if nothing comes up, I type in my zip code and map out about 5-10 of the best looking yard sales in my ‘hood. If I’m feeling crazy and adventurous, I map out my route in another neighborhood.

When I was younger my parents drove around aimlessly looking for yard sales and I felt like that was an inefficient use of time and a waste of gas.  What I like about this method, is that I have a destination and every yard sale I pass along the way is extra.

Here are some noteworthy sales, so far (keep checking Clist though):

2nd Sunday Midtown Antique Flea Market

This one is vague, but it could have potential.

Starburst clock at a yard sale in Vacaville. That day trip could be fun!

Happy sailing!

Craigslist: Teeny Shelf in Vacaville, $15

1 Oct

Oh haaay girl. Curved shelves, a delicious stain, and – oh look at those little tapered legs at the bottom! $15.00? C’mon. (Original Post)

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