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Vintage trends store

15 Jun

Vintage trends is an online store full of vintage goodies. I am especially awe-ing and oooo’ing all dem pillows they have. Here’s a couple that I picked out that I thought were especially captivating.

32.00 INSANE flower power and colors of oppurtunity right hur all.

24.00 I think its the white fluffy stuff on this pillow that makes me think cupcakes. I am totally ok with having something in my house that is a reminder of such a delicious treat.

18.00 I have a square blue guy like this. He’s cool. Just sits on the couch and demands to be looked at. Ya know typical loud blue pattern behavior.

18.00 How adorable are these flowers? All solid and different patterns. Mah Mah. Last but not least:

24.00 BOO yah. I am really down for what people call “vintage ethnic” prints. They always have really rad colors, and patterns/loads of oppurtunity to add some color into your home. The store has loads more if you wanna dig around and find some you personally dig.

Make it sound like “Bow Chicka Wow Wow”

4 May

So, I have this strong love for terrible radio rap. I know, strange, right? Anyway, I keep spotting all of this MCM furniture in many music videos and I’m going to start sharing them with you guys.

I promise I’ll occasionally throw in some good songs, too. ;)

Angela R. put up a Lil Wayne song today on FB and it somehow lead me to watching this music video. I’m not usually the biggest  fan of 70’s style for my own home, but that credenza/ console under the television is quite lovely.

Got that swagger lamp.

26 Apr

3 matching lamps for 10.00 in Davis.

150.00 for this sleek looking floor lamp in Oakland.
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Inspiration: HGTV’s Rockin’ 50’s Redo

14 Feb

Singer of H2O gets his house redone 50’s style.Very cute!

Craigslist: Outdoor lanterns: Outer Mission

2 Feb

HOW AMMMMMUHZING would these things be hanging out in your patio?
Seller is asking 20.00
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Craigslist: Costco step stool 55.00: Folsom

15 Dec

I need one of these things so badly. Every time I need to get something from the top shelf I have to call my husband over to get it.
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Craigslist: Patio set 200.00: Modesto

12 Dec

My husband says that because these are yellow they might be faded. I cant get over that ridiculous cute sun star whatchamacallit. It’s great.

“2 sets of vintage patio furniture. Both in good shape. Yellow and white, each set has a fiberglass umbrella, table, and 4 chairs. Asking $200- a set or $350- for all.”

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Git’R’Done: I lurve the alphabet magnets

8 Dec

These magnets are super simple to make. They’ll help add a little color to your kitchen and some sweet nostalgia. Ya’ll like that type of thing right?
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Craigslist: Let me reintroduce you to this couch.

3 Dec

It might just be the picture or that this couch looks very much like a childhood cartoon character…but I think this thing is nice AND it’s going for 75.00. I’ve posted it before…that was awhile back. I am shocked/questioning lots because it’s still up. Check out the
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Craigslist: Stationary Bike

29 Nov

I LOVE VINTAGE STATIONARY EXERCISE BICYCLES! Everyone has their “thing,” right? I can’t get enough of ’em! Nevermind those crappish plastic ones from the 90’s that are always all over Craigslist, these good old metal ones with the wheel and bike brake! Fantastic. This Sears brand one is going for $40.00. (Original Post)

Here is my boyfriend Alan getting a great ol’ sub-par workout on ours right after we bought it earlier this year. Of course a Craigslist score, $10.00.

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