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Set of 6 Murphy.. Mil — you’re in the shot, Mr. Wiggles!

13 Jul

I can’t express how happy this Craigslist ad makes me.

Set of 6 Vintage Murphy Miller chairs for your MidMod dining or conference room. Built in Owensboro, KY, they are in awesome, vintage, totally functional sturdy shape. Made of danish style wood, stainless tapered front legs, and naugahyde that is in perfect condition. $300.00 for all 6 chairs.

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Craigslist: Free Chairs (West Sac)

15 Nov

These are cute. Rose, I feel like you would like these. (original post)

GIT’R’DONE: Silhouette Wood Slice

4 Nov

This is a project that is only as easy as your X-acto cutting skills are good. I’m terrible at it, so I actually got the image cut onto adhesive-back vinyl. $5-$10 depending where you go and what you want. Silhouettes are always a simple, clean and personal way to add some “funzies” to your abode.

from apartmenttherapy.com

I wanted to do something more unique than a picture in a frame, so when a cut wood plaque came into my possession from Rose and Ben’s wedding cake stand, the ideas came flying. They ordered the wood online from WalnutHollow.com. They offer a variety of sizes and prices from $4.99 to $11.99.

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Craigslist: Things in far off places

30 Oct

Hey there bootifull orange chair with mahogany (make the body drop) armrests! I think you and I belong together! Apparently the seller is getting rid of lots of things:

“I’ve acquired a house full of great quality mid-century furniture and need to liquidate by end of month. I have two nice bedroom sets, book cases, dining room credenza, an electric typewriter, mirrored coffee table, wall mount lamps, misc household stuff. This ad is for the incredible orange recliner. It’s fabric is a heavy tweed but soft and comfortable. It has mahogany wood arms and feet, high back but lower to the ground seat. It measures 43″ tall, 32″ deep and 32” wide. In beautiful condition, especially those wood arms. Clean, no odors or stains. Asking $75. “

Check out the original post and look for the city Tehachapi, Ca for any of her other stuff.

210.00 in Sparks Nevada
Original post

This one right here might just be a personal fancy. I went to a high school that was mainly outdoors and admin was seriously concerned about it’s students being able to store things on campus. There was a lot of kids at my school with turtle backs and back problem fates. On top of having to carry all my necessary text books I felt it necessary to travel with the essentials:
2 sketch books. One for art class another for doodles and graff & Dance.
Paint brush.
A handful of Prisma Markers.
Borrowed Mangas-Fruit basket and FLCL.
Kaffir boy in America.
Phone and Make up<—for SPRUCING UP.
And a big pack of handmade stencils. Just in case any art activity/a fellow comrade's backpack needed any sprucing. This pack of stencils was actually one of the heaviest things I dragged around with my everyday.
A locker would have helped me out some…or encouraged me to find more crap to carry around with me.
100.00 in Carmel.

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Cute little dresser for 70$ in Fresno.
Original post

150.00 in Fresno.

“One white mid century modern fiberglass lounge chair for sale. Seat is good, base has no dings just paint chips here and there,
nothing that affects its value and function. 28″ (H) X 25″ (W). Swivels. Nice vintage piece.”

Original post

250.00 for 8 in Monterey.
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275.00 in Carmichael.
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This orange! I am trying to think of some examples that these movie seats could offer a person. Let’s see: Home theater, personal love seat, porch seating…that’s all I got. OH wait. How bout just it being a great color and thee little space because it folds into itself?
100.00 in Visalia.
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Craigslist: Moar couch potatoes – Carmichael

14 Oct

I like that this guy is just sitting outside sunbathing himself to be an even darker tint of brown. This couch isnt Midcentury (IKEA-yeah) but the originators def at one point in their careers drew a lot of inspiration from that time period. I remember my husband had this really awesome green couch from there and let me tell you that tweedish (?) lil’ guy really knocked my socks off. Ikea unfortunately does not sell it anymore. *sigh.
This couch is going for 290.00 in Carmichael.
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Craiglist Capslocks: “ULTRA HIP RETRO COUCH!”

14 Oct

Calm down, friend! Seller is gettin’ rid of a black vinyl couch. 9.5′ long, this here is a big boy from Land Park. A big sticky boy. (Vinyl seems like such a sticky thing to place your body onto. But it sure looks good!)

Has some seam rips apparently that need mending, which I think may send one back a few buckeroos. $300.00 for your man cave. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Have a seat dear.

19 Sep

Sweet orange office chair is being sold for 10 bucks and those promising blue occasional chairs are at 25 apiece. I really like the idea of having an “occasional chair.” It gets me mind to wandering to old movies with strict over 40 couples who pour themselves a drink. The lady would say something like ‘oh Charles-‘ and Charles would promptly respond ‘Its an occasion!’ I do hope this mind traveling doesn’t cause me to do anything rash like jumping on pretty dainty Danish chairs and that it just reasons me believing fully that occasional chairs are something that I do indeed need. These chairs are in West Sacramento.
Original post

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Inspiration: Eames Textile Patterns

18 Sep

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

“No, Ray is not my brother.” – Charles Eames

Charles Eames (1907-78) and Ray Eames (1912-88) are among the pioneers of modernist industrial design. For over 40 years, Charles and Ray Eames experimented designing compact storage units, collapsible sofas for the home, seating for stadiums, airports, and schools, and chairs for virtually anywhere. (via jandofabrics.com)

Huge fan of these Eames “jacks”, “dots” or “snowflake” patterns  (I’ve seen it called all three – anyone know the real name?) and got inspired to put them around the house in random places as small accents.

GIT’R’DONE: Kitchen Containers

14 Sep

Yeah, as you can tell I have a thing for kitchens. Vrrr.. it might be my favorite room in the house. Y’know, with all the eating and shoveling things into my face and the what-not. My other interests besides eating include.. organization and 1950’s & 60’s design. HOW ABOUT THAT.

Here are some delightful kitchen containers and canisters that include those exact 3 interests of mine. HOLY BALLS!

Alright, calm down. So being delighted by kitchen canisters, I was very pleased when my boyfriend returned home one day from the St. Vincent thrift store with a $3.00 chrome bread box. It was missing a little knob and was pretty plain, but very clean and neither rusty nor tarnished. Being a fan of labeling your containers – because GOD FORBID YOU THINK A BREAD BOX IS A BABY BOX – I put a vinyl label on it to dress it on up!

Now of course most people don’t have access to a decal cutter, but perhaps this can inspire y’all on making your own labeled canisters out of cheap ass things you find at the thrift store. There are even some amazing plain old Christmas and shipping labels that could work for such a thing. Just don’t get them wet, of course. HUZZAH!


Craigslist: Steelcase Couch and Chair set, Oakland

6 Sep

OH HEY DUDES. Do you like sitting on ice blocks in the winter time? How about getting stuck to your furniture in the summer and having swamp-ass? Then check these stone cold foxes.

(Original Post) Three Steelcase pieces from 1974: a three-cushion sofa, matching side chair, and coordinating adjustable desk chair. The lines are crisp and tailored, the scale small enough to work in moderate-size rooms, but big enough to stretch out in. All three are upholstered in original tangerine vinyl in good condition, with matte-finish metal frames on the sofa and side chair. The office chair has a back frame powder-coated in sage green, and a swivel base in shiny chrome, on casters.

Sofa: $495
Side chair: $295
Office chair: $145

I’m surprised to hear that this is original vinyl, and that they are all in such crisp condition. If I had the cash I’d buy this suckers straight up, they match with a Steelcase office chair we recently picked up from Craigslist for$75.00. Here you see my boyfriend demonstrating it’s ability to “max” and “relax.”

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