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Bay Area for cheap

13 Apr

Is that even real?
Can you have bay area things for a good deal.
Yes. I think so.
A deal can be had anywhere my dear Mimomito.
I am bummed I didnt develop this further but I am gonna.
It’s something I really want to figure out and get good at.
I got franz in that bootiful little city, they need nice stuff too.

113.00 Mission

75.00 Alameda
45.00 Martinez
I only picked this thing because of this hilarious cat.
80.00 Freemont
135.00 Concord
Like the brass circles on these guys. So good.
80.00 Hercules
‘I saw the sun and it opened up my eyes’ Am I the only one that thinks they say sun instead of sign?
225.00 Santa Rosa
HUGE rug. Yes yes. Love rug.
140.00 Alameda
Need a lil work but do have a cool little bendy lip at the top of this precious bean.
Does anyone else like this cokey brass pieces of furniture? Is it just me? Ya can put your bootiful plants on them guys!
75.00 San Franny
Why hello bootiful. HELLO.

80.00 Richmond
Hutch might be something all yall think is kinda too difficult to get or put in your home…but just in case theres some one out there who wants a cheap thing. Here it is!

150.00 Alamo Square
Like these a lot. Look real classy office like.
95.00 Hayward
I like how messed up this thing is. Too bad there is only one.
If you have a bar and like to eat along this guys for you.

Says Urn. Which makes me a lil uncomfortable because I dont know anything and immediately associate the word with death powder. In any case this thing is huge and a nice color. Hopefully someone’s Great Aunt Helga wasnt once residing there.
33.00 Mission
Love this guys stuff. It’s always cheap and always good.

Craigslist: Dining table and hutch 200.00-Sacramento

6 Dec


“Mid-modern walnut color dining room set. Round pedestal table with two leaves, four chairs with original fabric, four foot buffet with glass front hutch with display storage. In good condition. Moving, must sell. Willing to negotiate.”

Tall people take note of those chairs. Ultimate back support no matter the height.

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Craigslist: Walnut dining table 150.00 -Midtown Sacramento

29 Nov

I wish there was more pictures of this little guy. Seller states that if your seriously interested she would show you more.

“A really nice dark walnut table in very good condition. It has been in the same family since purchase, and well taken care of. There has always been a padded cover and table cloth on it. We are asking $150. The chairs are being thrown in for free. There are 6 matching padded chairs. (One captain and 5 regular) They are lightly stained, and 2 will be repaired by my hubby. They would look really nice if you re-do the fabric (which is easy to do, just staple new fabric underneath the frame). With the leaf, it can comfortably seat 8. “

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Craigslist: Chairs 25.00 each-Sacramento

24 Nov

Seller isnt very sure whether or not these chairs are walnut or not…but they look great!
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Craigslist: Reno

17 Nov

I cant type too much because this computer is pretty janky. But if anyone is heading out to Reno or just isn’t interested in going to work tomorrow. This hutch is for 375.00 in Reno.
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Coffee table is 35.00 in Reno.
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“Two very nice dressers .Good quality all wood drawers with dove tail fastening..Danish style..
1) tall 4 drawer. 36″ wide, 42″ tall…$65
2) wide 9 drawer . 62″ wide, 29″ tall..$75”

Original post

Hey YAH! 300.00 in Sparks Nevada.
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“Very good condition. 72″ long and 40″ wide, with leaf. If a shorter table is needed the 1′ leaf folds down into table and disappears”

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Craigslist: Heaps and heaps.

16 Nov

This desk looks as if it is missing some hardware (ya know how that goes). It’s being sold for 15 dollars in Rocklin. Walnut laminate finish for the crafty messy folk like me self.
Original post

I’ll confess that I am a lil (just a teensy bit) confused as to how this dresser transforms into so many different looks. I like this confusion. Here’s the seller’s bit that may clarify some things for some of you:

“Brown Saltman mid century dresser. This is quite a large piece. Designed by Paul Laslo. In good unrestored condition, does have a few blemishes as would be expected with a 50+ year old piece.”

It’s being sold for 300.00 in Sacramento.
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Let us be done with one another:

“I have a vintage Eames Era surfboard/elliptical table. It does have a few minor chips on the sides. Not huge. The top is in very good condition. No big gouges or scratches. It does have scratches but they are very light and you can not really see them unless you are up close. Someone tried to spray paint the bases white. It wipes right off. I have added large pictures so you can see the chips. The table measures 60″ x 21″ x 10, which is actually smaller than the Original Eames for Herman Miller. This is really a great table for the money”

This guy is going for 125.00 in Cameron Park.
Original post

Next to wall shelving (and green couches), computer chairs are my most favorite thing to oogle.
This chair is going for 80.00 in Sacramento.
Original post

There is so much golden here. Midas chair going for 300.00 in Selma.
Original post

Is this from thee Kent State in Ohio? Traveling chairs? 400.00 in Porterville.
Original post

Dude. Look at that top. It just slightly curves up and then the other side comes down. You are the gorgeous tea cart! 225.00 in Tracy
Original post

60.00 in Jackson. It might be for all us tiny places folk.
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Craigslist: Bedroom set 275.00: Escalon

15 Nov

All this stuff for 275.00….and it is walnut!
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Craigslist: Credenza 100.00-Sacramento

31 Oct

Walnut credenza looks like a big hunk of wood.
Pictures on craigslist though can sometimes be decieving. Like I imagine that teak wall unit I posted awhile ago (for 200.00 *LE SIGH) was gorgeous despite the grainy photo. If you got the time and something looks potential go check it out. There aint no harm in a no thanks.
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Craigslist: Dresser 165.00:East Sac

22 Oct

Oh walnut how I love thee!

Sellers bit:

Mid-Century Danish Modern tall chest of drawers in gorgeous walnut wood. Very good vintage condition.
All dovetailed drawers slide smoothly. They are large and deep and have cool wood lip pulls.
The dresser is a solid, sturdy and substantial piece measuring 38″ by 18″ and 43″ high.

Original post

Dianna’s cabinet. It’s in walnut.

11 Oct

We really like sharing and hearing about people’s scores (it’s one of the reasons we started this blog). It’s a real treat when someone retells a really interesting Craigslist encounter. Like this time the dude went to go pick up a lamp at some guy’s house in Ranch Cardova and there was an alligator in the kitchen. Oh and a nifty collection of Mississippi mud jugs (I totally forgot how to spell that). When the seller was asked if he was afraid of having an alligator just out and about in his kitchen he replied “Nah man he’s harmless. I am thinking about throwing him in the pool when it gets hot ya know…swim with it.” I really like the series of mental pictures that one brings up.

Stories like Dianna’s make my heart skip a beat. It’s sweet and helps one remember why we like buying other people’s stuff. Here’s her story:

‘I was not expecting much after seeing the Craigslist ad, but was blown away when they pulled the blanket off the thing. It’s amazing and looks so much better than the pic. It’s solid walnut, no veneers at all. The guy was in his 80’s and had built it himself. He actually teared up a little when we had it loaded and were about to leave. Amazing craftsmanship and in perfect condition. It had a built in reel to reel tape unit and I also bought the matching large walnut speakers with high end components. The cabinet itself is 7 feet long and the speakers are about another three or four feet so I came to the conclusion that there’s no way that I can fit the speakers anywhere in my home.”

Sweet right? Unfortunately the speakers Dianna and her husband bought are too large for their home and they are parting with them. Good news for some of you though because these things are great looking:

” The gentleman who built them told me they are air suspension speakers. The make and model is AS-2 by Heath. He took exceptional care of all of it.The speakers are large: 20 1/2″ by 19 1/2″ and 28 1/2″ high. We are taking the reel to reel unit out to sell also. It’s an EICO RP100. The cabinet and speakers were built in 1964.”

If you’re into the reel to reel and speakers you can contact Dianna through email: diannafinley@sbcglobal.net
Thanks Dianna for sharing your score with us. It’s a gorgeous piece with a heart warming tale. :]

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