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Video files for videophiles

1 Jul









Westinghouse washer and dryer in Reno

11 Feb

This washer/dryer combo is from an estate in the Reno area and apparently works perfectly. Seller isn’t being exactly.. clear as to what he wants for the price, but it made me want to look through old Westinghouse ads. Old colorized appliance ads just warm my guts! Oh, and here’s the original craigslist post for you to peruse.

The Westinghouse floor fan. The tray flips upside down to store, and the flip-side is a soft footstool. I love those gold-rimmed glasses and the bright red butterfly chair!

“Westinghouse Roll-out Wash Well.” I love the clean simplicity of everything in this photo – EXCEPT the contents of the wash well! It looks like a trash compactor, and perhaps little Ethel should get her hands out of there.

Washer and dryer combo – but what is this contraption to the left? Well, apparently it’s an ice box with “Cold injector.”

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