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Happy monday

26 Nov

225.00 Reno
Also comes with nightstands

350.00 Elk Grove
7 by 9 feet. I like me a big red rug.

50.00 Davis
The holidays are upon us. Time to start looking into neat bowls.

150.00 Sacramento
If your having an issue with space, need a piece that takes care of your magazine, smoking, light needs?
WELLLLLL here it is. All three in one. I dunno how, but it has been done folks.

50.00 Yuba City

800.00 Reno
Table is not included. SIGH.

100.00 Vacaville
That’s an insane deal for you boho loving beans.

DO NOT WANT: …Rattan. Just can’t do it, guys.

20 Sep

(Original Post) $325.00 to complete all you Tiki God and Goddesses’ “lounges” and “pads.” I’m sorry, I just cannot like rattan, wicker, or tiki style. It’s the basis for all things kitschy and tacky, in my opinion.

I might have extra reason to hate the “bamboo eye torture,” though. My dad was born and raised in Hawaii and loved putting knick-knacks and schlock that reminded him of “da islands” around our house. A hollowed-out musical gourd sitting next to my embarrassing childhood photos. SHUDDEERR. Of course – no disrespect to my Dad’s heritage and culture, but everyone secretly hates their parent’s decor choices, right? We even had one entire wall in our living room covered in this thin woven grass material. How can you even buy that? The whole wall! Floor to ceiling! It got water damage and the cat used the wicker wall as a scratching post – she’d disappear behind a soji screen and you’d hear her clawing at it until someone would throw a well-guided shoe or household slipper behind the screen and she’d run out of the room. Ugh, it just all brings back so many bad design memories.

Rattan makes me think of Elvis Presley. Who in my mind is – sure – The King, but the King of clutter and bad baste. During the middle of the century’s infatuation with tropical paradises and dreams of sand between their toes, they adopted this terrible idea that their home in an American suburb could echo the far off island flavor. I blame those dreams for this:


Ok, so this is better:

Good lines, nice wood – but.. still just too beachy keen for me.

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