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adoo wop. Craigslist hunting.

11 Mar

two chairs:
“$650 for chair without scratch
$575 for other
or $1,150 for both”

Original post

47.00 in Antioch

Possibly may work T.V? …ER PROJECT TV?!

125.00 in Bay Area

35.00 in Chico

375.00 in Oakland. Plus other things like a lamp and Heywood end table.

350.00 in Prunedale

*Jaw dropping dresser (THAT HARDWARE) 650.00 in Fremont

It seems like the seller is having a yard sale of some kind. Check out the original post for pricing and information.

Super cute bar from stylish sellers going for 400.00 in Elk Grove.

Saarinen Tulip Base Coffee Table – $300 in Elk Grove

Huge Mid Century Modern Yard Sale! This Saturday

3 Feb

I want I want I want!

Ron is having a yard sale and clearing out his collection! Some amazing pieces I’ve never seen before, some great familiar ones! Check out the photo set of some of the items he’s selling. Make sure to stop by and say hello to him — and while you’re at it, buy a thing or two.

For sale will be hundreds of decorative items, furniture, lamps, vintage Lp’s, stereo grear, sunglasses and more. All items are from my personal collection and in various levels of condition. Prices will range from $1-$150 but most in the lower 1 an 2 digit range. I have posted some prices in the photo link for the more expensive furniture pieces to help gauge. Original Post

On Saturday Feb 5th
from 8am until 2-3pm
1043 57th st. Sacramento

Sale Away: Estate Sales

13 Oct

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for every estate sale e-mailing list. Gary Schiff’s sales are definitely my favorite, but Jennie Krausse has some pretty awesome stuff, too. Being on the e-mailing list gives you a heads up about upcoming sales, along with photos of the items being sold, and occasionally entry access to pre-sales.

This sale is being held on Friday and Saturday and I just can’t wait. Even if I can’t afford anything, it will still be fun to oogle those goodies!

This is the info for sale:

1441 Birchwood
Sacramento, 95822
Google Map

October 15th & 16th
Friday & Saturday
9 am ­ 3 pm ( try to get there early though, because sales like this usually have long lines)

Yard Sale Away: Gettin’ Ready

7 Oct

Thursday and Friday are the days that you should begin planning your weekend yard sale route. I usually go to the Craigslist Garage Sale section and type in a few key words. Of course I use the regulars first: “mid century”, 1960s, Danish, etc … and if nothing comes up, I type in my zip code and map out about 5-10 of the best looking yard sales in my ‘hood. If I’m feeling crazy and adventurous, I map out my route in another neighborhood.

When I was younger my parents drove around aimlessly looking for yard sales and I felt like that was an inefficient use of time and a waste of gas.  What I like about this method, is that I have a destination and every yard sale I pass along the way is extra.

Here are some noteworthy sales, so far (keep checking Clist though):

2nd Sunday Midtown Antique Flea Market

This one is vague, but it could have potential.

Starburst clock at a yard sale in Vacaville. That day trip could be fun!

Happy sailing!

Craigslist: Yard Sale (DID I MISS THIS!? GAH!)

22 Sep

In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury – I want it all. Gee-yah-ee-yeah, I want it all. But I don’t reeeally need it now, but I’d like to have it soon kthnx. (Original Post)

This listing is from awhile ago but says that there is a Yard Sale “Sunday 9-3.” Summer bummer, did I miss this? In other words, I cannot has that giant coffee table? Meh. MEH I SAY!

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