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9 May

40.00 I cant believe this is 40 bucks.

60.00 6 of these mustard-y chairs for 60.

150.00 This dude looks like he may need some help.

70.00 Post says this dude is green…I kinda think yellow and orange?


Craigslist: Costco step stool 55.00: Folsom

15 Dec

I need one of these things so badly. Every time I need to get something from the top shelf I have to call my husband over to get it.
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Craigslist: Patio set 200.00: Modesto

12 Dec

My husband says that because these are yellow they might be faded. I cant get over that ridiculous cute sun star whatchamacallit. It’s great.

“2 sets of vintage patio furniture. Both in good shape. Yellow and white, each set has a fiberglass umbrella, table, and 4 chairs. Asking $200- a set or $350- for all.”

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On the internetz: I can watch Maru too many boxes and thrift…at the same time?!

23 Nov

Goodwill done turned it up a couple of notches. Shop goodwill has tons of goodies you can oggle from your home and

bid. Alot like Ebay only most of the time the starting prices are pretty cheap. I may be late for this bus but I am completely enthralled with this. Here’s some stuff that may be to your liking.
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Craigslist: Heaps and heaps.

16 Nov

This desk looks as if it is missing some hardware (ya know how that goes). It’s being sold for 15 dollars in Rocklin. Walnut laminate finish for the crafty messy folk like me self.
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I’ll confess that I am a lil (just a teensy bit) confused as to how this dresser transforms into so many different looks. I like this confusion. Here’s the seller’s bit that may clarify some things for some of you:

“Brown Saltman mid century dresser. This is quite a large piece. Designed by Paul Laslo. In good unrestored condition, does have a few blemishes as would be expected with a 50+ year old piece.”

It’s being sold for 300.00 in Sacramento.
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Let us be done with one another:

“I have a vintage Eames Era surfboard/elliptical table. It does have a few minor chips on the sides. Not huge. The top is in very good condition. No big gouges or scratches. It does have scratches but they are very light and you can not really see them unless you are up close. Someone tried to spray paint the bases white. It wipes right off. I have added large pictures so you can see the chips. The table measures 60″ x 21″ x 10, which is actually smaller than the Original Eames for Herman Miller. This is really a great table for the money”

This guy is going for 125.00 in Cameron Park.
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Next to wall shelving (and green couches), computer chairs are my most favorite thing to oogle.
This chair is going for 80.00 in Sacramento.
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There is so much golden here. Midas chair going for 300.00 in Selma.
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Is this from thee Kent State in Ohio? Traveling chairs? 400.00 in Porterville.
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Dude. Look at that top. It just slightly curves up and then the other side comes down. You are the gorgeous tea cart! 225.00 in Tracy
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60.00 in Jackson. It might be for all us tiny places folk.
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Craigslist: Retro Dinette

25 Oct

When I was putting together my 50’s diner styled kitchen I looked everywhere for an affordable yellow formica table with either yellow or turquoise chairs. Unfortunately I am completely impatient and decided to settle for the traditional cracked ice table top (which I am now in love with, by the way). Of course that I am no longer on the hunt for the yellow they keep popping up everywhere — go figure.

I can’t really tell the style of the table but those chairs look awesome and the set is only $100.(original post)

…and this set would have gone perfectly in my kitchen. Oh well. $230 (original post)

Craigslist: $150.00 Diner Booth. wat?

25 Oct

I’ll leave it to you to decipher whether this is totally cheezmo or kind of amazing. Selling in the East Bay.  (Original Post)


Craigslist: Cutesy Table $200.00

18 Oct

Has some wear, but has a nice shape to it. Think it’s worth the price? (Original Post)

Craigslist: Formakin’ Me Crazy. Huh?

14 Oct

(Original Post) Yellow dinning table and 2 chairs. The chairs don’t match the table. But they definitely compliment it. The chairs have a small patch on them. The table has a leaf. I think the table is from the 60s. It has a real retro look to it. Small enough for an apartment in midtown.

I’d throw in a few singles to have them keep the chairs.

You’re true blue, Ethel.
$525 for teeny blue formica table with all four matching chairs. (Original Post)

Inspiration: UNNGHHHHA BUHHHHH GAHHH puuuke..

12 Sep


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