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Almost Das Weekund.

21 Apr

I feel for those readers out there who are stuck in their offices, escaping their mundane duties to look at the possible furniture they could be going home to instead. Ahh yes, your daily fix.

$185.00 for both Lane tables  in Vacaville.

So apparently my Aunt had a bunch of this blonde formica stuff in her Wisconsin home. She didn’t even like it, she just bought it and had it. I can’t help but think of that now when I see these for sale..
These could be YOURS ALL YOURS for $130.00 and a trip to Chico! Woo!

$25.00 each for these working vintage TV sets in Elk Grove.

This was one of the first things I found on Craigslist when I started writing on this dang blog (Here’s the post! I used to be much more clever back then..). The Zenith Circle of Sound. So ridiculous looking, overly complicated, so much cheapy 70’s fake wood laminate, so many places for dust to settle – but I love it.
This one is selling for $225.00 in Elk Grove.

Craigslist Find: Zenith Record Player “Circle of Sound”

7 Aug

$200 in West Sacramento. Please note the reason for the “Circle of Sound” title – those amazing wood-covered speakers tucked into the sides of this rolling cart unit. Everything about this thing is nuts; the wood, the fact that this is a rolling party station, insanely unique speaker setup, and a lil’ space for your records! Ay yo DJ!

Original Post:

“It is time to let this gem go to a new home.

It is a real great looking piece and just screams mid-century.

The plastic cover is in great shape and the stand, very hard to find, is in great shape as well.

I had this into the “Stereoadvisor” over a year ago to get repaired and tuned up.”

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